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Why did Buddy and his wife switch to solar?

Buddy and his wife replaced their high power bill with a lower solar bill. People think an average solar system costs $32,483, and they're right. But that's less than you're going to pay the power company over the same period of time. Also, most people are eligible to get 26% of their system cost back as a tax credit.

Most people are scared of solar at first, and its not their fault.

Solar is relatively new in Virginia and new things can seem scary.

What helped Buddy and his wife make the switch was the fact that there is a 25 year production warranty on the system that is backed by the manufacturer who is a 23 year old company.

Also, they are able to get credits on their bill from the power company for the extra power their system generates, which they love.

There's only 2 problems,the first problem is: only half of the homes make sense for solar. Things like shading and orientation can disqualify your house.

If there are any trees casting shade on your roof, solar simply won't work.

Also, we need to put the solar as close to south facing as possible because that's where solar produces the most power.

The second problem is, time is running out. The tax credit is going away and that's what makes solar affordable.

Click the link below to send us your information and one of our technicians will reach out and build you a custom proposal to see if solar is something that makes sense for your property.

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