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Quick guide to going solar

Everyone knows about solar energy, but most people think of solar energy as just a concept. People think of solar energy as something that only a wealthy or eco-friendly people have on their homes, but don’t realize how obtainable a system is. Advancement in technology and the rapid popularity of solar energy make it not only more affordable but very beneficial for most residences and businesses. Whether you got here because one of our field representatives identified your property as having a good potential for a solar system or you

found yourself interested in solar energy and its benefits, we hope this guide takes the concept of solar energy and puts it in perspective of what it would look like in

the setting of your home or business.

The first step is to educate yourself on residential solar energy. You don’t want to start an investment without really know much about it. With solar power growing so rapidly, information about solar energy changes just as rapidly. In today’s age, solar has become increasingly more affordable and solar cells have become more technologically advanced and more efficient.

There is a lot that can go into explaining residential solar, but for now here are some helpful bits of information that we believe are important.

- Electricity is not produced by the sun’s heat. The way that electricity is produced is by the sun’s rays interacting with solar cells in a way that releases electrons, and therefore you

still get electricity on a cold or cloudy day.

- Buying a solar system is like buying years of electricity. You are paying the upfront cost to set up your system knowing over time your costs will be reduced, thus saving more money. Not only are you saving money over time, but you are also investing into the environment as well and reducing dependency of fossil fuels.

- There are many government programs that give you credit towards your bills or will even give you money back for reducing the strain on electrical grids. Not only are you reducing your bills for power, but the government will compensate you for reducing your energy footprint.

Questions to ask yourself before deciding if solar is right for you:


- Figures vary based on specific location, but a common threshold is $100 a month. If

your electricity bill is equal to or exceeds this amount, you can likely save money from

residential solar.


- There is an upfront cost for a solar system and it will take a couple years to offset the cost, but after those years you will be saving money. If you are interested in calculating this time, we can look at these numbers our solar assessment. Another thing to note is that solar systems increase the value of your home.


- Even though solar panels do work without direct sunlight, the more direct the sunlight

the more effective the panels are. You want to make sure that the energy produced is

worth while.


- With solar energy reducing the strain on electrical grids, the government has established several programs that you can take advantage of. The government uses these programs as incentive to be more energy efficient. These incentives can be everything from energy credit to actual cash back.

What to consider when looking at who to hire.

Local companies often have a better idea of what the environment is like, what government programs are available, and they can help in securing local permits and contracts required for putting in a new solar system. Another thing to consider is a solar company that has their installers on the payroll as opposed to sub contractors. This provides much more accountability and if something does go wrong it will be much easier to get a resolution.

So who are we?

We are Sunlight Solar, locally owned and operated in Virginia, serving the entire commonwealth from right outside Richmond. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship, products and customer service. Our mission is simple, help property owners make an educated decision on going solar by a free no-pressure onsite analysis. You can reach out to our office at 804-452-7699 or send us your info in the form below and we will be in touch!

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