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A message from your Solar Team -RE: Covid 19

As the world continues to navigate through these unusual circumstances we trust you are taking the necessary precautions to keep you and your family safe and assure you, Sunlight Solar is doing the same. Upon doing so, we have taken the following steps to ensure current installations continue with minimal delay and maximizing our efforts to offer you safe, risk-free, no-obligation virtual proposals.

- Office staff working from home and office visits cancelled until April 23rd 2020.

- Installations crews equipped with all personal protective gear and following CDCs recommendations for disinfecting equipment and shared spaces.

- Minimizing field operation staff entry into your home when possible.

- Enhanced proposal system to provide fast, safe, and sanitary access to custom your energy proposal.

- Extended support after-hours and increased emphasis on community outreach programs

As a local business, we understand and feel the strain this has brought on the community and encourage those who are in the position, to support the very people who continue to build and strengthen our community each and every day. Take this time to Thank and support our first responders, healthcare workers, grocers, truckers, food staff, tradesmen and all other essential personal. These brave men and women are on the frontlines affording us the ability to stay safe in our homes and we appreciate their sacrifices whole heartedly.

If solar is something you are interested in exploring during your extended time at home, we are happy to review your property via satellite imagery and provide a free custom proposal virtually through a shared screen. We have made going solar simple, and fearless. There is no pressure and no obligation, ask all the questions you need to determine if solar is right for your family. Admittedly, this has been a stark reminder of how important it is to be self sufficient and independent in ways you are able, generating your own clean, reliable power is one of them.

Submit your info below for your free proposal or to request access to our next Live Solar Education webinar!

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